God provides exactly what is needed

Scripture references

2 Corinthians 8:15 (ASV)

15as it is written, He that gathered much had nothing over; and he that gathered little had no lack.

Philippians 4:19 (ASV)

19And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


God's faithfulness was evident to Hudson Taylor after he sacrificed his last shilling to a family in dire need. After giving his last money to the poor family, the next morning the Lord met the needs of Hudson Taylor!
Ross Tooley did not have the money for his return ticket. Rather than panic or ask others for it, he decided to trust the Lord. The Lord did not fail him; he got the money he needed just before his flight.
Jackie Pullinger shares about God's faithfulness and constant provision despite the increasing needs of her ministry and her not teaching full-time. God ensured they had enough provisions for each day.
When Esther encountered a financial challenge, she prayed to God, and God provided.
A few nights ago, John and Esther's daughter developed a bloody wound around her neck resulting from sleeping on the mat due to the absence of a proper bed. Esther spent the night praying to God. Within a few days, God provided in a manner that stunned everyone in the house. He provided everything they needed, from furniture to television. It was a reminder that God would care for His own anywhere in the world.
A city missionary and a poor minister both had their faith strengthened when the former was used of God to deliver timely help to the latter in answer to a specific prayer.
At two different times in the autumn of 1841 when needs were most dire in the orphanages, the Lord used the seemingly insignificant donations of a poor woman and an anonymous donor to provide exactly what was needed at the time.
Rosalind Goforth was inspired by Hudson Taylor's stories of trusting only in God for his needs. She decided to trust God to provide $50 so she could marry debt free. Rosalind resisted all temptations to speak to anyone about her need even as the wedding approached. At the last moment, on the eve of her wedding, God provided the precise amount.
On two occasions, Hudson Taylor came close to not meeting a financial obligation. Yet the Lord provided just at the very moment the funds were needed. Hudson Taylor learned that it is in our weakness and need that the strength of Jesus is perfected.
Hudson Taylor's travel date was fast approaching, yet he neither had a ship nor the money for the ship. He refused to be worried; instead, he chose to trust that God would provide all his needs. When an opportunity to seek help during a speaking engagement, Hudson insisted on keeping to the principles of trusting God completely. The following day God provided both the money for the ship and the ship!
After nursing a friend who suffered from smallpox, Hudson Taylor had to destroy the clothing he had been wearing while nursing his friend. But that left him in dire need of clothes with no money to buy them. It was just at this juncture that Taylor’s Heavenly Father stepped in to provide perfectly-timed help to His son.
When a brother was directed to give out a particular amount of money to a particular man, he was sure the recipient will be surprised. But it was he who ended up surprised when they recipient wrote back to say, he was expecting the exact sum having prayed to God about it.
In answer to prayer, God sent a timely supply of flour to a needy Pastor and his family. The circumstances were so remarkable that it was a witness to many unbelieving people nearby, who saw for themselves that surely in heaven resides a God who answers prayers!
When a young Christian worker received a $5 gift from an uncle who had never sent him money before, it was not only a timely help for his need but was the exact answer to the Gideon-like sign he had asked of God.
In 1872, William Quarrier needed exactly £70 to complete the £600 needed to send 60 orphaned children to Canada to take advantage of an emigration scheme. He asked God to provide this sum and just before the departure date, he received different monetary gifts that amounted to the same amount he needed.
Six hundred pounds was needed to start a new home for younger orphans in Manchester and the Shaws were trusting God for the exact sum as a sign they were to go ahead with the plan. Just like they requested, God granted; nothing more, nothing less.
Pauline had faith that the balance needed to complete her transport fare to Fiji would be provided and she communicated same to the traveling agent. And just like she believed, it was done unto her, for the exact sum she needed was provided by the Lord through a friend who knew nothing about her need.
Henry Young Stilling was a poor student, often in want, but in answer to his prayers, timely help always came his way. His needs were met by strangers, friends and superiors; all messengers of his Heavenly Father.
A lady left a bequest of $500 to a long-lost relative who had moved to the great West. After months of trying to track her down, the executor finally found her in Ohio and notified her of the inheritance. To his utter surprise, the woman had been praying for exactly $500 to solve a particular need. That inheritance, the mount, and the time it got to her made it a perfect answer to her prayer.
The Holy Spirit led Rees Howells to stop making contributions to an insurance fund for himself, while at the same time leading him to make a contribution to the same fund for someone else. The Lord was teaching Howells to trust Him as in “Whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack” (2 Cor. 8:15), while the man for whom Howells had made the insurance contribution was brought to repentance and salvation as a result.
Mrs. Luffe (Sister Abigail) needed to buy a house for the blind, lame, and aged though she had no means. God provided everything she needed and just in time.
J Baker needed $20 to pay for a house rent that would be used as a home for friendless women; he asked the Lord for it. That same week he received a $20 cheque from a man who said he forcibly impressed to send it.
Watchman Nee needed $27 to pay the rent for a space he had secured for gospel meetings in Foochow. He made this a point of prayer and the Lord provided the exact sum; nothing less, nothing more.
Cecily needed $200 dollars to pay for an operation to be carried out on her teeth. Knowing she did not have the said sum, she prayed to God and on reaching home she was pleased to learn that God had moved a friend beforehand to gift her the exact amount!
The Timm's had taken out a particular sum from their everyday personal funds to purchase a projector for their work; trusting that the Lord will provide for their needs. They were grateful to realize at the end of the quarter that the exact sum they took out was returned in the various little gifts they received that quarter.