Christians confronted by angry mobs

Scripture reference

Acts 22:22–23 (ASV)

22And they gave him audience unto this word; and they lifted up their voice, and said, Away with such a fellow from the earth: for it is not fit that he should live. 23And as they cried out, and threw off their garments, and cast dust into the air,


After 8 days of hard labour with blood gushing out of his hands, Kazim was asked if he was ready to deny the Lord Jesus. “No. Never" was his simple reply and not even the beating that followed got him to change his mind.
An angry mob threatened to stone Jacob Chamberlain and his team to death if they would not leave their city. But Chamberlain boldly preached the Gospel and proved it to be the power of God to tame the heart. Like the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill, Chamberlain appealed to the people's own religious poetry and philosophy to show that only the One True God can cleanse their sins.