Love and honor one another in brotherly affection

Scripture reference

Romans 12:10 (ASV)

10In love of the brethren be tenderly affectioned one to another; in honor preferring one another;


Upon the death of William Newell—his earliest and dearest friend—Mr. Wheeler wrote to his friend's grieving mother about her son, his love for God and the honour brotherly affection that characterized their friendship.
While congregations preferred Mr. Craik's teaching of the Word to George Müller's, he did not become envious, but remained humble and content. In time God honored this humility and exalted Mr. Müller, who would go on to have a much wider and deeper witness for Christ not only in Bristol, but around the world.
A little boy used to travel five miles every Sunday to attend a mission Sunday-school because he felt loved there. When asked why he didn't attend a closer school, his powerful reply was, "Because they love a fellow over there."
Robert Grible writes about the simple, but beautiful and exemplary harmony and brotherly love that existed between himself and John M., a poor neighbor of his. Both men who were believers in God, showed each other kindness and lived in peace.
In a simple display of brotherly love, Robert Gribble shared in the financial blessings of a brother in Christ who came to visit him at a time he was in need.
It was Esther Chang's very first day in a church and the great love and joy she saw the Christians show her one another, including her who was just visiting for the first time ever, left a lasting impression on her mind and corrected the notion she had before coming.
Two Christian brothers, Dr. Pierson and Mr. Wright, both meeting each other for the very first time, displayed one to another, an amazing and touching brotherly love when they shared together; the joy of giving and receiving at the same time.