Hopeful, patient and prayerful

Scripture reference

Romans 12:12 (ASV)

12rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing stedfastly in prayer;


Throughout his preaching ministry Ned encountered frequent opposition, yet he was undaunted. His great patience, even in the face of repeated provocation, ultimately led to the conversion of a disruptive drunkard.
The Mikhail family soon after their conversion were brought into a season of severe testing, they lost their home to a terrible storm and were quickly the subject of mockery in their neighbourhood. But this family bore the misfortune with hope, hymns and thanksgiving and by their testimony, other members of their extended family were drawn to the light of the gospel.
The testimony of a man who "prayed without ceasing." His life was a radiation of the beauty of God, his conversations were convincing, and his sincerity inspired others to know that he was a true believer. As he approached death, his words were uplifting and encouraging to others, communicating the beauty of heaven.