Do not retaliate, instead behave honorably

Scripture reference

Romans 12:17 (ASV)

17Render to no man evil for evil. Take thought for things honorable in the sight of all men.


Chen's daughter died few days after she was cruelly beaten by an ill tempered woman. But contrary to what was the practice, Chen asked not for his daughter's murderer to be put to death or punished. His only request was that she be warned so no other child suffers his daughter's fate.
A certain hardened criminal, serving a twenty-year jail term for drug trafficking was transferred to the already overcrowded room where Petr Jasek was. For no particular reason, this man—who got a bed next to Petr—was cruel and did many things to make Petr's stay uncomfortable in that prison. But the Lord helped Petr love this cruel man, he sympathized with him, prayed for him and determined to trade with kindness, the cruelty of this fellow towards him.
Sundar's humble loving prayer for the ringleader of the group of students who despised him for no just cause, broke the barrier hatred had built in the latter's heart and the two moved from enemies to friends!