Jesus is able to keep us from stumbling

Scripture reference

Jude 24 (ASV)

24Now unto him that is able to guard you from stumbling, and to set you before the presence of his glory without blemish in exceeding joy,


After Govind jettisoned Hinduism for Christianity, there was no going back for him—not even the exciting prospect of the Hindu Pilgrimage Resort was enough to change his mind. He was now a child of God and was a new man!
Rev. W.H. Boole shares stories of individuals who were able to break free from addiction to several vices through faith in Jesus. One man who had been using tobacco for forty years was delivered from the desire for it after an act of faith in Jesus, while another prominent church member who had smoked cigars for thirty years was also able to overcome his addiction through specific application to Christ. Even a confirmed opium eater and a carpenter who was dependent on morphine found freedom from their addictions through faith in Christ.