Bad company corrupts good morals

Scripture reference

1 Corinthians 15:33 (ASV)

33Be not deceived: Evil companionships corrupt good morals.


Mr. Told writes about the negative influence bad friends had on him; their profanity and how that led him to forgetting the convictions the Spirit of God was wont to bring him.
After several harrowing experiences at sea, Ned resolved to do better and to make an honest living. But he fell in with bad friends and failed to keep his resolutions. He went back to a life of sin and reckless abandon even worse than before.
Spurred on by bad friends, a young man had taken up theft in order to support his gambling habit for which he was twice imprisoned. His resolutions to change his ways failed. But one day while walking along a road, he heard a preacher declare, “Sinner! God loves you!” That statement, along with the rest of John 3:16, led him into the saving arms of Jesus.
George, a young man, raised in a Christian home, sets out on a promising business career, but as the allure of the evil companions pulled him into the clutches of alcoholism, his once-promising career unraveled in a rather tragic tale of self-destruction.
For sixteen years, John Hambleton rebelled against God and his family. Bad friends were a terrible influence on him, helping him to continue in rebellion.