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Charles W. Abel of Kwato, Forty Years in Dark Papua
by Russell W. Abel
Fleming H. Revell
New York, 1934
China The Church's Long March
by David H. Adeney
Regal Books
Ventura, 1985
A Man Called Norman
by Mike Adkins
Focus on the Family Publishing
Colorado Springs, 1989
Defying Jihad
by Esther Ahmad
Tyndale House Publishers
Carol Stream, 2019
A Narrative of the Life of John Marrant
by W. Aldridge
J. Nicholson & Co.
Halifax, 1815
The New Lottie Moon Story
by Catherine B. Allen
Broadman Press
Nashville, 1980
My God is Real, The Story of a Lifetime
by L. A. Anderson
C. A. Hammond Trust Bible Depot
London, 1962
Sir Robert Anderson, and Lady Agnes Anderson
by A. P. Moore Anderson
Marshall, Morgan and Scott
London, 1947
Heroes of the Faith in Modern Italy
by J. S. Anderson
Pickering & Inglis
London, 1930
A Restless Redhead and God
by Virginia Anderson
Pioneer Girls
Wheaton, 1968
God's Smuggler
by Brother Andrew, John and Elizabeth Sherrill
Chosen Books
Grand Rapids, 2001
Secret Believers
by Brother Andrew, Al Janssen
Fleming H. Revell
Grand Rapids, 2007
The Narrow Road, Stories of Those Who Walk This Road Together
by Brother Andrew, John and Elizabeth Sherrill
YWAM Publishing
Seattle, 2011
Destined to Suffer, African Christians Face the Future
by Brother Andrew
Open Doors with Brother Andrew
Orange, 1979
The Calling, A Challenge to Walk the Narrow Road
by Brother Andrew, Verne Becker
Fleming H. Revell
Grand Rapids, 2002
Light Force, A Stirring of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire
by Brother Andrew, Al Janssen
Fleming H. Revell
Grand Rapids, 2004
God's Call, Life Changing Insights from a Man Who Answered
by Brother Andrew, Verne Becker
Fleming H. Revell
Grand Rapids, 2002
Sadhu Sundar Singh, A Personal Memoir
by C. F. Andrews
Harper & Brothers
New York, 1934
John White of Mashonaland
by C. F. Andrews
Hodder & Stoughton
London, 1935
William Bramwell, Revivalist
by C. W. Andrews
Robert Culley
London, 1909
The Moravians in Labrador
by Anonymous
John Ritchie
Edinburgh, 1822
Fifty Years' Pilgrimage of a Convert
by A. S. Appasamy
Church Missionary Society
London, 1924
The Terrible Sights of London and Labours of Love in the Midst of Them
by Thomas Archer
Stanley Rivers and Co.
London, 1870
Evangelizing the Chosen People, Missions to the Jews in America, 1880 through 2000
by Yaakov Ariel
The Univeristy of North Carolonia Press
Chapel Hill, 2000
More Than Skin Deep
by Margaret Armitage
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Singapore, 1988
Reaching for the Goal, The Life Story of David Adeney, Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Mission
by Carolyn Armitage
Harold Shaw Publishers
Wheaton, 1993
Missionary Travels in Central Africa
by Frederick Stanley Arnot
John Ritchie
Kilmarnock, 1914
Bihe and Garenganze, or Four Years' Further Work and Travel in Central Africa
by Frederick S. Arnot
J. E. Hawkins & Co.
London, 1893
From Natal to the Upper Zambesi
by Frederick Stanley Arnot
The Publishing Office
Glasgow, 1883
Garenganze, West and East, A Review of Twenty One Years' Pioneer Work in the Heart of Africa
by Frederick Stanley Arnot
Pickering & Inglis
Glasgow, 1902
Confessions of Saint Augustine
by Saint Augustine, E. B. Pusey
Felling on Tyne
London, 1906
Smuggling Light
by Eugene Bach
Whitaker House
New Kensington, 2016
The Underground Church
by Eugene Bach, Brother Zhu
Whitaker House
New Kensington, 2012
The Heavenly People
by Eugene Bach, Brother Zhu
Back To Jerusalem
Baton Rouge, 2010
Chasing Revival
by Eugene Bach
Back To Jerusalem
Baton Rouge, 2018
Jesus In Iran
by Eugene Bach
Back to Jerusalem
Lumberton, 2015
From Faith to Faith, The Influence of Hudson Taylor on the Faith Missions Movement
by Daniel W. Bacon
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Singapore, 1984
The Life And Explorations of Frederick Stanley Arnot
by Ernest Baker
New York, 1920
Ling Ching Ting, The Converted Opium Smoker
by S. L. Baldwin
Rindge Literature Department
New York, 1876
Jottings From Japan
by Susan Ballard
The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
Westminster, 1918