The New Acts of the Apostles (Annotated) Kindle Edition

by Arthur T. Pierson

This eBook contains extra features:
• The book’s index is linked back into the text
• An extensive bibliography for each person mentioned in the index

The New Acts of the Apostles is Arthur T. Pierson’s book based on his series of lectures upon the foundation of the “Duff Missionary Lectureship,” which he delivered in Scotland, in February and March, 1893.

A sweeping biographical survey of Protestant missions up to the late nineteenth century, The New Acts of the Apostles demonstrates the thesis that God’s work of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth has continued uninterrupted from the New Testament Book of Acts up to the present day. We are, in effect, living out additional chapters of the story that began in Acts.

Filled with exciting and inspirational stories, Pierson’s book introduces the reader to hundreds of missionary heroes and devoted followers of Jesus. This eBook version has been carefully crafted to include a fully functional index (rare in an eBook), table of contents, and a large bibliography (containing 281 entries) with links to public domain biographies and narratives of the people in Pierson’s vast work.

A. T. (Arthur Tappan) Pierson was an American Presbyterian pastor, missionary, author, and editor. He wrote more than fifty books, preached more than 13,000 sermons, and was editor of the Missionary Review of the World. He was friends with C. I. Scofield, D. L. Moody, George Müller (Pierson wrote Müller’s first biography), Adoniram Judson Gordon, and others. Pierson also preached in C. H. Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle from 1891 to 1893.